About Us

A new world agencY
With old school values

We are guided by the unwavering values we inherited from General Fortunato Maycotte, who fought in the Mexican Revolution with courage and honor. He knew anything worth doing is worth doing right, he never asked anyone to take a bigger risk than he was willing to take himself, and he always left things better than he found them.

We’ve taken these timeless principles and applied them to an agency designed to thrive in the modern landscape: a virtual agency model built to be scalable, adaptable, and always ready to give each of our clients everything we’ve got.

Clear eyes,
full hearts

Many years after working together at The Richards Group, we founded Fortunato in 2019. We saw an opportunity to take what we learned, see a way to improve the way agencies work, and build something special.

Chris Carreker and Rodrigo Maycotte started a partnership based on trust, respect, and balance of their complementary strengths: Creative, and Brand Management. Their passion for the work and diligence that goes into selecting the work we do and who we do it for, is what creates an atmosphere of fulfillment that grows our clients’ businesses.

Fortunato Founders

What we believe in

We call it Serving the Work. It’s what we live every day. To achieve it, we have to think of work as something that we do with purpose in order to create something of value for us and our clients. We do this by following these three beliefs:

  • Work should be the full expression of our faculties through Beauty, Craftsmanship, and Purpose.
  • Create Work that feels right and fulfilling to us, for the sake of doing well a thing that is well worth doing.
  • Trust that if we Serve the Work, success and good fortune will naturally follow.
Group 383

A new kind of agency

Our office is nowhere. And our offices are everywhere. We’re a scalable, virtual agency designed to move at the pace of modern culture. Our network of diverse, creative, talented people spans from Europe, to Latin America, and back to Texas. 

Our bespoke method allows us to tap into the right people that have a fit and a passion for the task at hand, rather than the idle hands playing solitaire at the office. This means every client gets a custom team built to their needs, and our people get to work on what they’re passionate about. No square pegs in round holes.


Our Partners

We’ve had the pleasure of working with companies big and small, from many different industries. The constant? A passion to do brave work and the rigor to be disciplined in our process, the mix of which has produced outstanding results for our partners.

OUR Work


Brand Refresh

Bartender Confessions

Launching a new line of gaming accessories

Brand identity and label design for a new wine brand