Join our growing network of brave, talented individuals with a burning desire to create beautiful things of enduring value.

What it IS

Faithful to our project-based work philosophy, we’re always looking for talented individuals that we can enlist and assign to projects that play to their strengths. You get to work on what you love, and clients get people that love working on their specific assignment.

How it works

Think of yourself as a gun for hire. You submit your info and samples of your best work. We review it and let you know if you qualify to enlist. Once enlisted, we contact you whenever a project that requires your level of expertise comes up. If you’re able to work on it, you can. If not, you can pass on it. Once the project is completed, you send us an invoice and receive compensation based on an agreed-upon rate.


Any person with agency experience, or experience working with brands in a marketing/advertising capacity. Creatives, Account Managers, Web Developers, Graphic Designers, Strategists, and beyond. Any and all are welcome.


Whether you’re looking for extra income, something to do on the side, or a way to work on clients that can help build your portfolio, we want to provide people with a means to find fulfilling work on their terms. You take the assignments you want, pass on the ones you don’t want, and have an opportunity to work on brands you normally wouldn’t work on. Why not?

Enlistment application