Hotel El Atascadero

Rebranding a historic gem

Old Hotel El Atascadero Logo


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Established in 1956, Rancho Hotel El Atascadero is set in a hacienda built in the 1800s, which houses a rich history as a silk factory, a horse-riding club, and an artist retreat that housed Nobel-laureates like Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral, among others.
We were tasked with redesigning the brand identity for this beautiful and historic hotel in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. 


Everything was designed to revitalize the brand while maintaining its historic roots.
The new logo symbol was restored and redrawn from an illustration Filipino painter Romeo Villalva Tabuena created for the original hotel menus in 1958. It depicts the decorative crosses that sit atop the archways to the old hacienda gates.


The logo and typography are a reflection of the Mexican Colonial era. The botanical illustrations are all based on actual flowers found throughout the property. The color palette is drawn from the warm brick and Spanish tile. 

The entire the visual identity is designed to embody the experience of visiting El Atascadero, always celebrating its rich heritage in a modern way.
The website was overhauled and redesigned to embody the new brand identity. 
Through photography, we live out the brand vision in a way that celebrates El Atascadero’s beauty, and provides viewers the experience of being  physically there.


The redesign resulted in a 1.2 star-rating increase on Google search, improved SEO to reach the first page of Google, and a 300% increase in online reservations, elevating the El Atascadero brand and positioning it as an elite hotel in San Miguel de Allende.