Shell Shock CBD

A new front in the fight for veteran relief

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The boom of the CBD industry has brought on a lot of players, with very little to distinguish them from one another.

To help Shell Shock stand out, we built an unapologetically brash brand aimed at providing relief to veterans and first responders who endure the physical and mental pains that come from life in the front lines.

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While most CBD brands aim for an earthy, natural look and feel, we developed a bold visual system that draws from military iconography and the brash, in-your-face personality that veterans and first responders tend to have.

Because every product is designed to alleviate both physical and mental ailments that besiege the veteran community, the brand personality juxtaposes that with humor and the invitation to “live your best life.”

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The Shell Shock logo mark combines vintage bomb imagery with a hemp extract oil drop. The rest of the packaging is designed in a similar visual style that combines vintage military iconography with a vibrant, modern twist.

With a fortified brand image, we took to social media to further develop Shell Shock’s brand voice and personality, as well as further develop applications of their new visual language, including package design for seasonal flavors.


We are shifting CBD branding into a lifestyle play.

Shell Shock is challenging the category with a brand full of unapologetic personality tailor-made for their target audience.

The new work has resulted in a consistent increase in sales month-over-month, as well organically growing the Shell Shock social community over 16,000-strong. With its new brand image, Shell Shock is now positioned to be a leader in the CBD space.